The of Town of Plymouth contracts with an outside waste management company for solid waste collection. Everyone within the city limits is required to have garbage collection.

Most trash and debris,when bundled and/or contained properly, can be disposed of at curbside with your regular garbage service days.

What is accepted?

  • Blue Trash Cart; plus
    NOTE: The following items must be placed beside or on top of the cart
  • 2 extra bags
  • 2 brown goods
    • Furniture, including upholstered pieces & mattresses. Examples of furniture include, but are not limited to:
      • 1 table and 1 chair or 2 pieces of a sectional sofa (Please do not break up items–each piece is considered 1 item)

What is not accepted?

  • Electronics
  • Tires
  • Chemicals or other Hazardous Waste
  • Remodeling Debris
  • Yard Waste

If your trash cart or other items are not collected, please contact the Town Office at 793-9101 and every effort will be made to have the items collected as soon as possible. If your brown goods are not collected, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Office, and do not continue to add items to the pile until initial items are picked up.

For questions specific to trash or recycling pick up, please call (833)-697-2918 or email vinsonlogging [at]

Yard waste collection is a residential service provided by the Town. Landscapers, Tree Surgeons, Contractors, or other technicians hired by residents or property owners to trim or remove trees and/or shrubs on private property are responsible for removing and properly disposing of tree and shrub trimmings and/or limbs, branches, trunks, and stumps.

  • Leaves, limbs, and grass clippings should be placed adjacent to the curb or street, NOT in the street.
  • Keep all leaves and grass separate from limbs.
  • Do not discharge or blow grass or leaves into the street.

Note: The Plymouth Town Council recently approved an ordinance that prohibits grass clippings and other yard waste from being blown onto the streets and sidewalks. Please adhere to this ordinance.